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French Picnic


Ein Paar wacht am Morgen auf und stellt fest, dass in ihrem Schlafzimmer etwas nicht stimmt. Die Auswirkungen der Aktionen der letzten Nacht könnten einige versteckte Unsicherheiten hervorrufen, welche schon seit langem unter der Oberfläche ihrer Beziehung garten und nun neue Schwierigkeiten hervorbringt.

Statement der Regisseure und Autoren:

I love working with my friends and think they are the most talented people I know, so it naturally came to write a film centred around them and their strengths as actors. Matt (Matthieu Descamps) is the most charming person I know and he’s also French, I mean, what’s more irresistible than that? So I thought I would take advantage of that by creating a mysterious European seducer who almost tears a cute all-American couple apart. 


This also gave me the opportunity to use Gio’s (Giovanni Sandoval) character as a vessel to say all the insults I think of spewing to Matt across the breakfast table every morning (we’re roommates…he get’s the girls). But the most important and, more importantly, enjoyable aspect of making this film was that I had a great time making it with my friends and fellow artists and that’s all we’re trying to do. - Cameron Tharma, Oneiros Collective


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